About the Author

Dorothy Mathis has nurtured a lifelong fascination with a phenomenon she began to notice in her youth: some people seem to become happier and more content as they age while others slip into a life-sucking rut. She has spent most of her life marveling at the magnificent lives of those who embrace the aging process, living life full out and aging gracefully.

Three factors came together to create this book from that lifelong fascination.

First, after 32 years working both in the Government for the USDA and in the private corporate world of finance and mortgages she stepped back and reflected on what she really was created to do with her life. Having spent years entrenched in sales, marketing, training and presenting, Dorothy had very successfully and creatively marketed mortgages and helped train several hundred new employees how to relate to the public and sell an idea, yet she felt a calling to step into a new direction.

On a quest to discover why some elders are happy, healthy and full of vitality, she spent several years interviewing elders living vivacious lives. Dorothy discovered she has a natural ability to listen as people tell their story in such a way that they feel truly heard. These interviews totally altered her outlook on life and formed the basis for her life’s mission: to lead others to love their lives and thrive. She also began selling health and life insurance, which became an excellent source of information on how people view health and the extent to which they feel accountable for their attitudes and daily choices.

Second, during this time, she threw herself into learning updated marketing strategies to further expand on her job-acquired marketing skills. She read everything she could and took night classes three nights a week for a year. She attended three major national marketing conferences and built a network of several hundred fellow marketers across the country. She practiced her expanded skill set through her business as an independent insurance salesperson.

Last, she rigorously looked within herself, questioned everything she had been taught, every opinion she held and thoroughly embraced a willingness to recreate who she knew herself to be. She hired several coaches who expanded her perspective on life and taught her to trust her inner guidance. She read a myriad of books and spent hours in meditation and introspection.

She happily discovered that she is a delightfully refreshing and effective bridge between the young and old. Having collected real-life stories of people who practice proven healthy aging strategies, she decided to inspire others to embrace fulfillment and the possibility of long-term health and vitality. Quite unexpectedly, she is leading a movement, helping people learn to choose vivacious living, regardless of their situation in life, by embracing and sharing themselves fully.

She contributes articles for media outlets and does public speaking throughout the Midwest. She delights in facilitating the Joy of Aging Support Series in Iowa and is the lead advisor for spin-off groups in Michigan, Ohio and Illinois.

Her passionate drive is contagious, and she has built a strong network of people fascinated to hear stories about people who, after having fought off dreadful health battles, overcome periods of poverty and experienced heartbreaking losses in their lives, are satisfied, hopeful, and fulfilled!