I have noticed that when I allow What Is to just reveal Itself it is far more magical than I could have imagined! It takes a great willingness to just allow life to unfold. It takes raw courage to just let go of your anticipated expectations and desires to control the outcome and just trust. It takes a willingness to be curious and watchful.  I have found silence to be very helpful. Remember that old Simon and Garfunkle song, “The Sound of Silence”? There is a space where if we are quiet enough, we allow wisdom to penetrate into our hearts and speak to us.

Just think, what is it causing you stress? Is it your own life, wishing it was some other way? Is it someone you love and care about, wishing life could be different for them? I suggest you try an experiment. Just for one day, give up wishing it was different and embrace the mystery of that situation. Just for one day, allow yourself to be curious about the outcome, trusting that Life may reveal something to you that you couldn’t possibly have imagined.  What have you got to loose? Just allow yourself one day of freedom from worry.  Just one day experience the Precious Present.  Tomorrow you can go back to your old ways of worry and suffering knowing there is another way to look at life.  You will have an interesting contrast to refer back to.

You may even want to journal how effective your worrying about a situation has been for you.  I have found that those times when I can place myself in acceptance of the way things are, I create a space for inspiration to come to me that gives me direction on action steps to take where I can make a difference! Who was it that sang “Silence is Golden”? I guess it was The Tremeloes.

I was recently on a bit of a treacherous walk with a 92 year old friend of mine. My sister and several other people I care deeply about were along also. It was lightly raining and we had strayed way off the beaten path into the woods where recently only wildlife had trod. It was muddy, slippery and rough terrain. I was filled with concern for my friend as she stumbled along, my sister, who is typically frightened about her walking ability, my niece who had a lovely pair of white sneakers on, how much time we had, how we would all get back in one piece, etc. ~ There was a noticable absence of complaints. ~ There was a silence, as we all seemed to trust the mystery of the hour. We worked together, noticing the beauty hidden deep within the woods, holding on to one another. We turned around and retraced our footsteps and safely arrived back where we had started. We were muddy, wet, hot and tired but we all took something away from that experience.  I think it was a Curious Contentment that maybe life is perfect, just the way it is!

We all had a sense of accomplishment. My sister, admitted that she would never have put herself in that predicament knowingly but that she was so glad she was along. She came away with a new belief in herself and her own abilities.  My Elder friend has decided to take her doctor’s advise and walk more to build up her stamina. I encouraged her to rest afterwards, but instead she took a shower and jumped back into Life’s activities, grateful for the lesson she has just learned. Praise God for Sisterhood, for possibility and for willingness to look at something with a new perspective!

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