My favorite comment to my last blog post was from Teri Howard who replied, “The art of aging graceful is the gift of becoming yourself.”  Oh, I love that!

In my book, Vivacious Living in the Wisdom Years, that is one of the common traits of those Elders who were living lives of good health and vitality. They were very comfortable with who they are. Why Jo Barnes even entertains others by sharing the humor of her blunders. Isn’t it fun to watch those blunder trailers after a movie? You know the scenes they cut out because the actors goofed up. The laugh at themselves. When you make a mistake, do you laugh at your authentic self? It feels good! I know I spent many years trying to cover up my mistakes so others wouldn’t notice I wasn’t perfect. :-) When I quit trying to escape from myself and learned to just laugh at myself, I felt a whole lot more freedom to just be me. What a relief!!

How do you discover yourself?  For me Silence has been a gift.  When I stopped looking for the approval of others and turned within (silence) I discovered, not only am I OK, but pretty cool in many aspects.  I would love to hear YOUR comments.  What are some of your practices to get in touch with your authentic Self?

Please post a comment so we can help each other age gracefully and share in Vivacious Living!

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